The Birth of the Simple&Raw Brand

Established Simple&Raw in the city of Bangkok in the Thailand. Having already established our reputation in the South-East Asia market as a consummate “jeanmaker” known for mixing denim modernism with work wear tradition, we resolved that the jeans category needed an injection of something fresh, new and undeniably mouth-watering. Assembling a small like-minded team of international designers, Simple&Raw set-up operations in Bangkok in 2010.

Simple&Raw combines classic craftsmanship with modern design for men and women’s denim. The collections offered by a splendid mix of indigo fabrics, high-gross appliance and refined details. Contrary to popular belief, traditions aren’t honoured by blind mindless repetition. Traditions are advanced through systematically challenging convention in a continual search for improvement. We add to tradition through trial-and-error, through innovation and invention. Traditions are ignited and revitalised through inspired acts of respectful revolution.

Respectful acts of revolution are also fun as hell and they prevent us from taking ourselves too seriously.  WORSHIP TRADITION DESTROY CONVENTION: Denim culture taught us these things, but their significance isn’t limited to denim. These values underpin everything we do.